Although Chinese consumers is still the world's largest louis vuitton outlet luxury consumer groups, but with the fast fashion, light hot popular luxury, as well as the overseas shopping more convenient, had spread to China's high-end heat is usher in a wave of rational "cool".

In the past year, luxury goods sales growth in China's historic plunged to 2%, louis vuitton australia broke after years of double-digit growth inertia. And this among them, especially with the line over a line of luxury and a luxury sales distribution situation is most interesting.
Last month, the world famous property consultancy Knight Frank w. (Knight Frank) and design consultancy berg (Woods Bagot) after a joint investigation by for more than 40 high-end retailers report points out: "in 2013, about two-thirds of the high-end retailers and failed to meet its earlier target set to open new stores in China." Rational "development"

The purchasing power of luxury goods of greater China, louis vuitton handbags outlet once accounted for 29% of total world spending on luxury goods, the world's first, beyond the second 7% of the United States. But those days are gone, I'm afraid. Italian luxury goods industry association to the Boston consulting group with Paris bank launched the luxury goods industry outlook report points out: from the permeability of the stores and the relationship between the national income per capita, China's luxury market is close to saturation. However, for the international line of the luxury brands in China's development of turning point, some sound retail industry will be a node as the perfect "look back", calling for the "development" rationally.

"With the rapid development of China economy, the consumer mentality is changing all the time. Also in the original pocket rich of time, will want to buy more upscale consumer upgrades, goods, the process will be accompanied by some irrational consumption habits. In this case, after louis vuitton australia the Japanese market has happened before. In the 1980 s, for example, Italian brands enter the Japanese market, domestic one line to the three cities, even the old lady is dressed in Italy." Javed baloch, chief executive of the village of well bo to 21st century business herald reporters. In the village Wells, the point of view, in China's economic growth is gradually stabilized, middle class scale, income distribution shows a tendency olive shape factors influence, originally the proportion of income people is gradually shrinking. And middle-class people in the process of rational consumption, more preferences in light of luxury and fast fashion products, and non-traditional sense of luxury.
Luxury goods entity shop sales have been hit from all aspects. In addition to economic trends influence factors such as the distribution function of e-commerce is also very obvious.
PWC's retail and consumer goods industry audit partner Ye Jiali told reporters that luxury goods company, now its entity shop sales to taobao day cats third-party electric business platform of dilution, some counter almost only the function of the physical display cabinet. In the process, retailers need to adjust the organization structure to adapt to the real integration of online and offline, and optimize the product mix.

Change the strength of the appeal to consumers, also affects the luxury brand in the Chinese department of China merchants discourse in the process of change. "More mature and rational, when consumers no longer blindly sought after big, developers for big brand popularity is not so fanatical. Luxury brand is gradually weakening the agglomeration effect, international luxury consumption environment assessment for the Chinese market is also in the cut, so the external environment can offer preferential treatment also shrunk for luxury goods." Excellence ole China investment co., LTD. China merchants deputy director, the zhe said.

Luxury goods companies in the enthusiasm of the market judgment, will soon be reflected in the change of the total number of China stores. According to clsa expects, the adjustment of the old store the opening of new stores also will further affect the speed, set up shop in the future the speed or from a previous 3-4 per year on average each year fell to 1-2.

China's zone "curve"
Although luxury louis vuitton handbags outlet goods stores in China itself and same-store sales not louis vuitton outlet the courage, but the purchasing power of Chinese consumers did not disappear completely. "Any market may not always is the so-called emerging markets, reached a mature stage. Always believe that with the increase of the wealth of the Chinese consumers and cognitive level, they will be more dependent on the top brand names. Even if the present economic growth is slowing, but still bullish on the long-term. To this, we have enough confidence." Estee lauder group's Asia Pacific President wenbo and (Fabrice Weber) told reporters.
Nowadays, perennial flows between countries luxury purchase crowd, became the focus of the brands for the object. Brief fluctuations in sales in China, let each big luxury goods group to look on the departure from the market, sales of stealth.
In fact, Chinese consumers over the past louis vuitton outlet two years in overseas market and offshore duty-free market contributed to the field of the two, has caused a lot of big luxury goods companies. They are accelerating coordinating resources louis vuitton handbags outlet and further increase investment in brand marketing in China.
Such as estee lauder, l 'oreal luxury goods, such as the level of skin care brand, because the attention to Chinese consumers in each big departure airports, overseas market strong consumer demand, have strengthened the special channels of publicity, in order to retain from louis vuitton australia the purchasing power of China.
"Travel consumption the channels of sales are spectacular consumers spend time at the airport are generally longer, grasp the market is critical in this field." French luxury goods company Bruno Pavlovsky chanel's global brand President (Bruno Pavlovsky,) foreign pointed out earlier.
Renowned research institutions and Ming's retail survey director louis vuitton handbags outlet Richard Perks has released a set of data: "in London's heathrow airport luxury consumption, for example, in 2013 from China, Brazil, Russia, and India's consumers per capita consumption are increased by 18% at the airport. China accounts for only 0.7% of the total number of passengers at the airport passenger, but their spending on luxury goods, is ahead louis vuitton australia of other nationalities passenger, whole accounted for a quarter."