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The sweet atmosphere as the world's top brand, its advocates fashionable and do not break individual character style with Li Zhiting fashion idea coincides with mine. Day Li Zhiting also to one's personality suit dress to attend the activities, all show nobility elegant gentleman poise, witty words more highlight its fashionable temperament.
In an interview, he also said he is very like branding "private custom" fashion concept. And in the event, Li Zhiting besides.compete with Wang Likun (weibo) attend the opening ceremony, actually tried to right off the nursing project, enjoy the VIP treatment.

Burberry Group PLC Burberry in the middle of this month's biggest flagship store in Shanghai, day cat shop should be part of the program. Some people don't think such a partnership, because like a Coach has to cooperate with taobao, then hurriedly removed from store. Don't know whether Burberry can pass the test of fashion!

Today, the day the cat inside has gathered a number of international brands, uniqlo, GUESS, paper, Forever21, IT so tide brand is not to say, we find some slightly low-key point international brand to see what can find treasure.

Same as the international first-line brand chanel on the day the cat also has its own stores. A pop, classic forever creed of chanel is already looking to the Chinese market, and network platform.

Kering open cloud group louis vuitton australia CEO Francois - Henri Pinault said, "I firmly believe that the group's sustainable development projects is a smart, can make us contribute to creating a better world." The Kering group will be introduced by 2016 brands of environmental Profit and Loss Account plan (Environment Profit & Loss Account), the analysis method can measure the confession chain of effects on the Environment, and for such influence measurement currency valuations, helps the group to make better decisions on the Environment.

Every year, the May Day golden week is the tourist season, is the golden period of the retail industry, the same is true for the luxury industry. After a luxury "winter period" after 2013, China's luxury goods market is expected to be in during the May Day golden week this year, again to start a new consumption boom

According to domestic well-known luxury goods trading platform, pulling louis vuitton australia the net of relevant controller introduces, the May Day golden week, all major cities of the floating population, a huge potential consumer market, so many businesses choose to carry out all kinds of promotional activities during May Day, to attract more consumers. For luxury goods industry, the same is true. From the point of the sales situation of previous years, domestic luxury during the May Day golden week transactions have sharply higher.

After the development of the 2013 low, major luxury electricity and entity shop will pay more attention to the May Day golden week this season, many businesses have even ready to new marketing strategy to play May Day "golden week" "rob guest war", which will effectively promote China's luxury market recovery.

We have learned, pulling the Louis vuitton handbags australia outlet net has been for the arrival of the May Day golden week, ready to prepare. They carefully selected many luxury goods to participate in the May Day golden week sales promotion, and have a number of promotional gifts events. During the May Day golden week, pulling the net will bring better to domestic consumers of luxury goods consumption experience.

In Britain, where the largest luxury-goods makers Burberry Group PLC (BRBY. L) Burberry announced its fiscal year 2013 ~ 2014 in the second half of the sales. As of March 31, 2014, half of the year the income of the burberry recorded growth of 19%, a total of 1.298 billion pounds, in line with market expectations.

Cic advisory, a senior researcher at Xue Shengwen expressed, burberry income louis vuitton australia in line with market expectations, on-line channel extension is a main support factor. At the same time, bo for parker results in repeated warnings about sterling strong impact performance, and is expected to retail and wholesale earnings for the fiscal year 2014 May be cut of 30 million pounds. If the current exchange rate is constant, the 2015 fiscal year earnings still will be affected by the negative impact of "material". Online business

Data show that 71.5% of the total sales and retail revenue rose by 13% to 928 million pounds, but by less than half 17% of the fiscal year; Same-store sales growth was 12%, the previous fiscal year 13% of slightly slower, offline traffic remains weak, online traffic continues to grow. The greater China region and South Korea's strong business driven same-store sales in the asia-pacific region to achieve double-digit growth.

"Weak offline passenger flow is not a bad thing, it is also a burberry after nearly 10 years of time to do digital marketing and to develop electric business must appear a result, and this is a benign outcome." Luxury-goods expert, wealth, quality of the institute for Zhou Ting told reporters that when the luxury brand to develop online business, is bound to further transfer passenger flow from the offline to online, it will be more conducive to the development of its online business. From the orientation and the whole market strategy of burberry, all need to support its online business growth, to meet the market popular trend.

As of March 31, 2014, the group net between the two main outlets and four franchise, the total number of retail stores and franchisees increase between 215 and 215 respectively, the franchisee has discount between 55 and 70. The louis vuitton australia group plans to fiscal 2015 new line between 20 ~ 25 stores, closed between 15 ~ 20 at the same time, the new flagship stores will focus on in China and the Middle East and other markets and travel retail channels, new retail area is expected to promote retail revenue to Louis vuitton handbags australia outlet achieve low to single-digit growth in all the year round. Wholesale revenues in the first half year is expected to be flat with the same period a year ago, and beauty products department annual wholesale revenue is expected to record a fixed exchange rate of 25% growth. Xue Shengwen said, travel retail channels larger contribution to the group, group rapidly expanding tourism channel is wise. The current China and the Middle East region tourism industry has developed rapidly, tourism shopping is booming trend, expand channels can make further mining group tourism market rapid development dividends. Group in the travel channel expansion, however, need for a comprehensive understanding of the mainstream of attractions tourist income level, otherwise difficult to get considerable profit.

Reiterated that the currency impact on performance

In addition, bo for parker results in repeated warnings about sterling strong impact performance, and is expected to retail and wholesale earnings for the fiscal year 2014 May be cut of 30 million pounds. If the current exchange rate is constant, the 2015 louis vuitton australia fiscal year earnings still will be affected by the negative impact of "material".

According to reporter understanding, the influence of exchange rate volatility luxury goods group was more than burberry. In march, the world's largest watchmaker Swatch Group AG (UHR. VX) Swatch Group chief executive Nick, sea (Nick Hayek) said in the annual results conference Swiss currency continued strength may result in the current fiscal year income reduce 4 to 500 million Swiss francs. Nick sea, said in February alone, group sales and therefore a loss of 50 Louis vuitton handbags australia outlet million Swiss francs, has nearly 2013 fiscal year due to the floating exchange rate cuts in the income of 66 million Swiss francs.

If, Xue Shengwen analysis, according to the louis vuitton australia current exchange rate unchanged, burberry fiscal 2015 earnings by "material" negative impact is not big. Now the global economic recovery optimism, has important positive role to the sales of luxury goods, good prospects for development. Exchange rate is an important part of the risk of international luxury brands, but they are mainly for the British luxury, the luxury goods more likely to profit from the aspects of the exchange rate.
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